Is my boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend attracted to me?

I, (26F) been feeling some weird tension with my long term partner M’s (28M) younger sister O’s (22F) boyfriend C (24M). Try to wrap your head around that one!

I can’t tell if he is attracted to me or hates me, but he is definitely not neutral towards me. I need to evaluate why this matters to me. I am in a wonderful relationship with M and we’ve been together for almost 7 years. However, the only issue I have with my partner M is that we rarely have sex anymore, maybe twice a month.

As someone who is not used to a lot of male attention (I was very very shy and self conscious about my appearance growing up as I was overweight and struggled with severe acne) I feel like I crave male attention from the worst, forbidden sources. C being one of them. While I don’t necessarily find C to be sexually attractive, I often wonder if he finds ME sexually attractive.

When we hang out and drink together (we are currently all living together with M and O’s parents, to make things worse!) I can feel him looking at me and sometimes he will touch my foot with his under the table or touch my hand to get my attention. However during the day, he is very cold towards me and will avoid me. Like I said, he does not appear neutral towards me.

I hope I am making this all up in my mind. Why do you think I am focused on C’s attention? Do you think that his hot/coldness has a deeper meaning? Thank you for your feedback!
Is my boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend attracted to me?
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