Is he still interested in me or is he just comfortable?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for three months we started right before corona but when we planned our first date corona happened. So we continued texting and we had really great chemistry and he told his friends and family about me. A month ago we went on our first date once our state opened up but we just had a picnic and watched the sunset away from everyone. It was amazing! Then our second date I met all his friends because we had a couples game night again went super well! Third date just a casual watching a movie at his place date and he dropped me off before he went to work. Then for two weeks he was busy with an event with setting up and being part of the event. So he wasn’t really texting and I understood that he was busy. So last week I texted him and of course he let me know that he just wanted to just relax and not really be on his phone so I understood. So Friday we talked and he apologized for his weird behavior and he said that things should be back to normal. But I still feel like his texts haven’t really been the same since we haven’t had another date for almost a month now. But I’m not sure if I’m overthinking or not but is he still interested in me?
Is he still interested in me or is he just comfortable?
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