Can you guys tell me what you think of this?

Basically I’m noticing something with my guy friend. We were on the phone a few weeks ago and he asked me about if I’m on my phone when I hangout with people. I answered but I knew where this question was coming from. Two months prior this phone call, was the last time him and I hung out. We were at his parents house and toward the end, I stayed silent. This was because his dad was there and me being the shy person I am, I’m not used to being around him as much so I went into my shell and part of that involves me being on my phone. Now I explained this to my friend, because I noticed he was a bit disappointed. We were having a great time before. Back to the phone call, he asked and then went on to say when he hangs out, he tries not to be on his phone. I understood and told him that next time I would try not to be on my phone. What caught me off guard is I had explained to him already why I was doing that so not sure why he felt the need to bring it up again. Well today I texted because it’s been on my mind and asked him if being on my phone bothered him and he just didn’t say anything about it and he said yeah but that he didn’t make a big deal out of it. I would think if he brought it up 2 months later it must’ve been a big deal to him. This is just like way back when I told him I wanted to move on from how I felt about him because he has a girlfriend and he would never return the feelings (yes I’m over how I felt about him thanks to my ex) he then asked me why I want to rush moving on. Then when I asked him why he was asking me that he gave me an answer that didn’t make sense. He said it wasn’t that he was concerned about me moving on so fast, he said he didn’t know if I were trying to save face or why I was telling him. Didn’t really make sense but I’m ok then. It’s like whenever I question him on something he said or asks that indicates he cares a little too much, he seems to backpedal or deny it in some way. What’s this about?
Can you guys tell me what you think of this?
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