Should I cancel my “date” with my friend?

I strongly recommend reading this question: What are some signs that a guy is too nice to reject you? as it has most of the details to this situation.

Anyway, my guy friend is very reserved/doesn’t talk much. We’ve been texting more for the past 3 months, and I told him that I developed feelings. I’m visiting him and he’s taking me to the beach and to explore his town. However, he rarely keeps in touch with me (unless I initiate first) and that makes me feel like he’s not interested. I was thinking that I should cancel if he doesn’t text me within the next 2 weeks. Because I don’t want to drive 4-5 hours to see him if he can’t even text a simple “hey” or “how are you?” I know he’s a bad communicator, but I don’t think that’s an excuse.
Should I cancel my “date” with my friend?
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