Why does he act like this?

Me and this guy have been dating for a year now. He had several issues whenever I first met him and I helped him get through them. Before he changed I found out he had cheated on me.

He begged me to not leave and I didn't trust him. He gave me all his passwords and his location without me asking him to bc he wanted to prove he changed. I told him that I wasn’t going to give him an easy pass bc of the amount of girls he got with. I would trip out and get emotional when I got suspicious bc I get paranoid.

2 weeks ago he went out of town to visit his family. Everytime he would go to his hometown he would cheat on me. While he was there he started acting distant from me and would not text me all day and all I wanted was a simple I’m okay text. I understood that he was with family but I would worry about him.

He got drunk one night and left me. I asked him why he said bc of how I act with my trust issues. It had barely been 2 months since I found out. I tried to get him to stay for 2 days until I gave up.

I saw he was talking to other girls and I thought I should start moving on too. He found out I started talking to a guy and told me that we were still dating didn’t know why I did that. I told him that he was the one that left me and the one texting the same girls he cheated on me with. He said that he didn’t even take them seriously but that I did take this guy seriously so I was in the wrong.

I asked him if he wanted me or not and he said that he had to see if I could be “normal” for a week and would decide. Right now we are in that “week” he has disrespected me so many times, messes with my feelings, takes advantage of how much I love him, and texts so many girls and all the girls he cheated on me with. When I tell him about it he says I’m being “crazy” again and victimizes himself. He keeps leading me on and says he’s sorry but keeps doing it.

I need to know why he behaves like this when 2 weeks ago he was a loving caring and understanding person.
Why does he act like this?
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