What does he expect from me?

I met a guy through online gaming and we hit it off straight away. We always joke around and talk for literally hours (6 hours at best). He stays up to talk to me, calls me 'dear [insert name]', wishes me good night/day and safe health, remembers small details about me.

However he often gets jealous when I talk to other guys and he asked to keep it private, even though he is talking to another chick who he plays with more often than me?

Ill admit, I am jealous of him with the other girl so I take my mind off it and talk to other guys but he gets jealous. He says he 'lets me have my fun' ... if his jealous I dont know how to remedy that? I've helped myself by talking to other guys... Im not sure if he actually has feelings for me? Its just a game in my eyes, and I admit I am attracted to him but not sure if he feels the same way
What does he expect from me?
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