Does he like me?

Hi, I don't wanna come of as an idiot but this is all EXTREMELY confusing. It's been going on for 10 YEARS! This is a confusing story, I know I shouldn't care but I do :(

This guy I know has told me before that he thinks he's an F Boy & Player. He says he wants to have sex with me and has been trying to for 10 years! When I tell him "no" he blocks me for about 2 weeks and tries again. I've blocked him and he created a new account when he got in a car accident to let me know he almost died.

We have never had a sexual or love relationship (I met him at a workplace and he seemed instantly attracted to me) Strictly talking, I've never lead him on.

In my opinion he is also very mad that I am with the man I am with as the potential F Boy met me first.

What do you think? Does he like me or is he just messing around? It's been ten years of this...
Does he like me?
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