How can I stop fearing of the dark?

Ever since i was a little guy i had this innate fear of the dark. Not much of the night but of the dark itself. I do enjoy taking a walk on a beautiful full moon night but i will literally scream if I'm inside at night/in a room with no windows and the lights go out.
Ever since i was little i had this fear of going downstairs in a dark basement or on the floor beneath.
My fear intensifies if I'm in a room inside my house and there would be lights but i can do just fine outside at night not scared at all.
As pathetic as it may seem i always fear that i might encounter a ghost or some sort of supernatural being whenever the lights go out
It scares me to the bone. I hate this. I'm a grown ass man I'm 21 now why should i have a childish fear that's completely irrational
Whenever i climb the stairs i fear that ghost's will grab me and slowly drag me to their realm. And when i lie on my bed to sleep I'm afraid of sticking my legs out because "it's the ghost grabbing zone"
Omg I'm such a freak i act like a manchild sometimes.
It's not just the darkness that frightens me. I also suffer from fear of ghosts and supernatural beings in general.

How can i get rid of this fear forever. Fear of the dark in secluded places and fear of the dark whilst being inside a building
How can I stop fearing of the dark?
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