There is a guy I like who always ridicules me?

I like a guy. Initially I used to avoid him. but he used to come after me. then i ended up in a relationship with him. He has started to insult me. He ridicules me. i tell him everything. I sought his advice on matters when I'm upset. i donot have many friends. Whatever I tell him. he listens to me showing concern. but later he uses all that stuff to insult me. When I ask him to call me , he doesn't. He calls me whenever he feels like talking. Even during that conversation he will say something to ridicule me. i always end up crying. When I avoid him. he says I'm the only one u can trust. when I call him , he hardly picks my call. When I avoid him , he says u will regret losing me. My 41 years old. He says u shouldn't get married to anyone coz u will spoil his life. he says u shouldn't be in a relationship. He mentally disturbs me and then laughs at me. He says u will die of anxiety and will develop some mental disorder. I recently got promoted, I texted him and told him. he didn't congratulate me for 4 days. I even texted him to call me. When he talked to me , he ridiculed me. he said u must have used some connections to get promoted. I didn't used any connections. He made me feel bad. I was happy on my promotion. Then said u should have sent me some sweets on promotion. U didn't sent me coz u r kinda person who can never be happy. He is the only person who said bad things on my promotion. he says u can't find anyone other than me. His comments make me cry. what should I do? What should I do that a guy respects me and doesn't ridicule me?
There is a guy I like who always ridicules me?
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