How to I get my boyfriend to understand the real world?

My boyfriend comes from a very wealthy family but that doesn't mean he is wealthy himself at all.

he's grew up going on expensive luxury holidays were he's stayed in 5 star hotels, had everything planned for him and eaten at the fancys restaurants.

I grew up going on holidays that cost under £400, self catering. In a apartment and booked everything are selfs.

This is making so many fights between us. I trying to plan a holiday for us next year im October and he keeps suggesting ones that cost in there thousands and then saying we can't afford to go holiday because we don't have that type of money.

I keep on trying to explain but in the real world holidays to not cost that much especially if your from England. I just want a nicd simple holiday in Tenerife with him. Self catering in a decent apartment and we can book are own trips.

I couldn't think of anything worse than being told what i can eat for breakfast at what time and what time and how long i can go on a trip somewhere. Doesn't really seem like much of a holiday to me. taking orders from a holiday company, instead of just relaxing and doing things in my own time. The simpler the better with me.
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I've already got him shopping at primark over getting expensive designer clothes
How to I get my boyfriend to understand the real world?
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