I’m sooo stressed out about my boyfriend’s response to this question?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now and he has proven to me that his love is truly unconditional. I really love him back and we support each other through thick and thin. Anyways my 10 yr old sis decided to ask my boyfriend who he loves more, me or our dog. (He loves our dog) He looked at me with an “oh shit” face knowing this was an uncomfortable question for me. Anyways he didn’t respond. After a while I asked him why he didn’t respond the question, kind of being curious myself. He then said that he doesn’t compare love because if he just loves someone or something he shares equal unconditional love for them/it. He also explained that the love he has for me is different than that of the love he feels for pets. Then he told me that if it were a life or death situation things would obviously change. Me being insecure then asked him the stereotypical question of who’d you save from a burning building, me or the dog. He said “surely I would save you.” Surely? Ok... He also explained that to him age comes into play a lot, saying that if he had to save an old man or a baby from something, he’d save the baby any day. I then told him that previous relationships with the person would also be an important factor, like who would he save, my little sister who he knows or a newborn who is a stranger to him? He asked me why I would ask him those questions he doesn’t know the answer to, “I would have to test myself in that situation” he answered. I was afraid of getting more info out of him at this point. My stupid brain even wanted to ask him, “oh, so you’d save a baby before me cuz I’ve lived longer?” But I didn’t even want to ask him that cuz I was afraid the answer might’ve been something I didn’t want to hear. Anyways, I feel suuuuper anxious and stressed about this situation. Any opinions/suggestions relating to my boyfriend’s answers?
I’m sooo stressed out about my boyfriend’s response to this question?
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