I found out my boyfriend was one of the guys who bullied me in high school. What should I do?

Me and my boyfriend went to high school together but we were never friends. I was kind of weird in high school and people teased me behind my back. After graduation I just transformed physically and mentally. I knew that some of the guys I went to high school with only liked me for my looks and would inbox me on Facebook asking to date. I wanted nothing to do with anybody I went to school with. But after so many years (I have been out of high school for 5 years) it started to seem like it really didn’t matter anymore. I let a lot of stuff go because we were all just kids and I know that it shouldn’t follow me around for the rest of my life. My boyfriend messaged me one day and asked for a date and I said yes because I was bored. But we clicked. I really enjoyed talking to him and the more we hung out the more I realized he wasn’t a bad guy. He was still friends with some of the guys who had teased me throughout high school. One of his best friends had attempted to yank my headband off when I was having a bad hair day some years ago and I never forgot that. But when we reunited at my bfs house, everybody seemed cool and even congratulated him for getting “a girl like me” and commented on how pretty I looked. I played it cool but I was secretly really uncomfortable which I knew my boyfriend noticed bc he asked everybody to leave and we just watched movies that night. I don’t try to stop him from being friends with some of the guys who bullied me but I haven’t told him about those experiences. I just pretend they never happened. But one of his friends had texted my friend (because they are cousins) and told her that when we were in the 9th grade my boyfriend called me a ugly bitch as a joke that everybody laughed about while I sat oblivious in the front of the class. That was like 9 years ago but it hurts. a lot. I don't know how to handle things like this. What should I do?
I found out my boyfriend was one of the guys who bullied me in high school. What should I do?
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