Does he even have a girlfriend?

This guy and I matched on tinder, and we started talking from there. We hit off great, having the same music taste. He asked for my Snapchat and I said that's cool. After that, we made short conversation about hobbies. He would leave me on open which made me feel like he isn't interested in even getting to know me anymore. But then I felt like trying one more time. I sent a simple hi. He had responded but I waited it out, and then responded. I noticed that if I didn't reply right away he would be the one to reply right away. Before I knew it we were really talking to each other, sending each other funny memes and jokes. He then, asked for my number. I said that's cool. We recently texted from the morning till like 4 am of course not back and forth but just keep that information in mind. I haven't flirted towards him because I still don't know him at that level yet to flirt. He has sent messages telling me how happy he is that I'm watching one of his favorite shows, and how he's actually making a playlist of songs for me to listen to. You know how girls tend get all FBI, well I had this weird feeling to like search him up Instagram. And I found his account (looks not active, only 1 post & it's private). And his profile picture is of him with a girl in bridal style and they clearly are kissing in this photo. Now, if he does have a girlfriend than wouldn't he set boundaries when to text me and for how long, or even kind of mention her? I've even asked him like so what's your plans for today? And he never once mentioned his girlfriend. He's even messaged me multiple times after hanging out with his friends telling me he's going home and that's reached home. And he's told me that he used to being ghosted by girls. I could just straight up ask him if he has a girlfriend or not, but how should I approach with that question without seeming forceful?
Does he even have a girlfriend?
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