He got hard when I cuddled with him?

A very close guy friend of mine was over last night. The last time we hung out, we hugged very intensely and said I love you to each other but not exactly romantically. So then last night I had a few drinks and got ballsy and while we were on the couch, i laid my head on his chest/shoulder. I fell asleep and when I woke up I realized I was resting my hand like right next to his junk hahaha i moved my hand and realized he was hard. So then i slowly sort of moved it back closer but not like as close because I wanted to see if hed move or freak out. He didn't move. He just let me lay there with my hand there until eventually he went home at 230am. (We were on my parents couch, its not like we couldve hooked up or anything but I don't know if he even wanted to.). What does this mean? Can a guy please explain to me what he was probably thinking?

For background: we've made out once but I want a relationship and he doesn't. He's a lot younger than I am and we aren't exactly in the same place in life but I still have a crush on him. We decided to just be friends and now are basically best friends.
He got hard when I cuddled with him?
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