Would this make you question your boyfriend?

So.. say your boyfriend picked up an extra shift at a different store location. GPS says it takes 45 minutes to get there. He called you an hour and 15 minutes later and says he just arrived. Leaving a half hour time frame being unaccounted for. He says he doesn't know why it took so long and that he had been driving the entire time. Texts you at 10:20pm and says he just got out and is heading home. He shows up at 11:50, an hour and a half later. Which, if my math is correct, means it took him 15 extra minutes to get home than it did to drive there. Which strikes you as odd because there is no traffic on the way home. He gets paid daily at $13 an hour and no taxes are taken from his paycheck, as he goes through a temp agency. So he should have come home with $104 but he only brought home $56. He is in a terrible mood when getting back home and instantly goes to take a shower. You fall asleep on the couch. You wake up at 3:50am to him plopping down on the couch by your feet. He is wearing a thick hoodie and socks, even though your house is nearly 80Β°. He is panting like he is out of breath. You guys go to bed. The next morning you find multiple diaper wipes in the trash can but your kids are not home so you know it isn't them. In the past he has been known to wash his dick with diaper wipes after sex. You go through his phone thinking he has been unfaithful and you find nothing. However, you see an app called "Burner" and when you click on it, you realize it is an app that allows you to change your number everytime you call out. There is no history on this app and appears as though he has not used it, aside from the small print on the right hand side of the app saying "call history updated 2:20am". Thoughts anyone?

Note: he is extremely tech savvy and I am not. He could hide things and I would never know. But he is still super attentive and has given me no reason, besides last night, to question him.
Would this make you question your boyfriend?
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