My boyfriend has gaslighted me but I think its unintentional?

I know gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse and recently I found out that my boyfriend might have done it throughout our relationship. I’m convinced he has at times because a lot of phrases that are considered gaslighting and symptoms resonate with me, and I have had to come to terms with it even if it hurts to know. However, I am almost 100% sure that he does it unconsciously/unintentionally because he didn’t even know the definition of gaslighting when I asked him. He doesn’t speak very good English so he didn’t recognize the term. He’s always so good to me and is always there to help, believes in me and has been so willing to change. Therapy has done him well even though he dropped out for a while, and he has learned to accept his part more than before. I am happy with his improvements, yet the fact that this gaslighting has happened in our relationship still really pains me to accept. My therapist has not encouraged me to leave this relationship yet, so I like to believe there is still hope for us both. I just wanted to ask you guys what can I do to improve a relationship where unconscious gaslighting is taking place? It doesn’t happen all the time because he has asked me at times what can he change in order to be a better partner, and even apologizes and accepts his part at times, but a lot of times I do feel it still happens but not in a way that makes me feel “crazy” but more like “I’m overreacting.” He’s never called me crazy by the way. He’s told me I’m sensitive tho, or that I’m overreacting. Anyways, please let me know what can be done here because I know deep down he means no harm even though it is a form of manipulation.
My boyfriend has gaslighted me but I think its unintentional?
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