Guys, Is he interested or am I reading too far into it?

Okay so I reconnected with an old friend from college about two weeks ago. We kinda agreed to a no-strings-attached sexual relationship. We only met up that once but I think there's signs he's interested in more than sex. First of all, he's been messaging me every single day. Like, all day. From the minute he wakes up until one of us falls asleep. He's been venting to me and asking for advice, which has kinda always been an aspect of our relationship so I don't think too much about that but it feels like he's actually listening and interested in what I have to say now when I do the same. He's asked me to hang out, which we hadn't done since we left college. He even offered to help teach me to drive in his car. I dunno. Is he just being nice or does it seem like he might be interested? Having known him for years, I've never seen him act like this. Especially towards me. He always enjoyed poking fun at me and messing with me but often times could seem distant and uninterested in everything... So to me, it really sounds like he's interested... Then again, maybe I'm just hopeful. Opinions?
Guys, Is he interested or am I reading too far into it?
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