Does he seem like he would be interested in seeing me again?

I just had sex with this guy the other night who I had the biggest crush on in high school. We only made out a few times in high school but nothing more than that. We’re both 25 now so we hadn’t seen each other for years. Randomly while I’m riding him he goes “ not gonna lie, I didn’t expect the sex to be this good”. He also kept asking me if I was okay when we first started by I think he thought I was in pain. He also asked me to touch myself in front of him and he kept saying how sexy I was and then how pretty I was when I was sucking on his fingers. Afterwards he cuddled me and was tracing my back with his arm around me and holding my hand. When he walked me outside he grabbed my chin and kissed me and said “I’ll see you around”. Then I texted him the next morning and said “I enjoyed last night, hope you did too” and he replied with “ mhm :) had a great time”. I also replied to his insta story bc it was a tattoo he did on his friend and I said “ I think I’ve decided I want a tat from you” and he replied with “ do it!” Does his reply make it seem like he would want to give me a tattoo? Is it weird that he was just like "do it!" or am I reading in to it too much?
Does he seem like he would be interested in seeing me again?
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