Man burst in on me in the bathroom?

So, I only made this account because I can't tell anyone about this man. He is married to another woman so I can't ask my friends about this.

Anyway, I was in his house, it was the 3rd time we'd hooked up, and I went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit.
He came to the door a minute later and demanded to know what I was doing. He also said he needed the toilet really bad. I just laughed and took it as a joke.

I went to the loo again later, this time he told me to hurry up, and then tried the door! I held it shut and stayed in there for a few minutes deciding what to do. I went back out and tried to pretend it never happened. He never said anything.

In the morning I got out of bed and said I was going to brush my teeth. When i had done this I used my mouthwash and was stood just swishing it around, when the door burst open and he rushed in. I had no idea what to do so I just stared at him.
He went to the sink pretending he was here to brush his teeth and just stood there doing nothing.
I spat the mouthwash into the toilet, grabbed my bag, and left the bathroom.

When he came out I just said "Rude."
I can't remember his exact response but it was something about how long I was taking.
He drove me home, and we sort of had a back and forth thing of insulting eachother but still getting along fine. It was all very strange.
I just wondered if anyone could tell me what they think, why he walked in on me, if it was sexually motivated, or something else?
Obviously this isn't enough info on his weird personality to make a decent judgement but I will answer any questions in the comments if anyone would be interested enough to ask.
Thanks for reading, I know it was long.
Man burst in on me in the bathroom?
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