Why is a guy with a girlfriend texting me?

Hi, so a guy who now has a girlfriend who was recently pursuing me for a couple months and then I decided I just wanted to be friends is still texting me each week. I just found out he has had a girlfriend since May, but never told me. He texts me weekly and I just don’t think if he has a girlfriend he should be doing this. We haven’t been friends for a long time. We just met this year.

He told me I was not a good friend when I told him I don’t feel comfortable texting as frequently now that he has a girlfriend. He also told me he isn’t serious about his girlfriend and is still an eligible bachelor, which I am uncomfortable with too. He told me I am wrong to feel this way and doubt his intentions.

Am I? Am I overreacting for not feeling comfortable and thinking he is being shady? I feel if he just wanted to stay friends he wouldn’t pressure me to keep up texting which he has if I haven’t responded or he would have been honest about having a girlfriend.

thank you!!
Why is a guy with a girlfriend texting me?
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