Didn't know he had a girlfriend?


I dated back about 1.5 years ago. When things ended, it was basically on me for never really explaining why , I just kind of stopped communicating. There was great chemistry but my faith is super important to me & it wasn't then to him, & basically I didn't know how to say that.

In June I see him on a dating app, talking about faith. Interest is piqued, so I shot him a text (saying I saw the app) & he immediately texted back.
-started texting frequently.
-he initiated plans to meet up and go for a walk at the park. That day he called me to ask if one of his friends could come along because he's super into his faith like I am.
- I was okay with it (never defined it as a date)
-ends up being like a double date as my friend and his friend paired off, as did we. It felt like nothing ever changed.. we laughed a lot, had good deep discussions etc. At the end he immediately wanted to plan another hang out. So we all met up again at the park.
-In between those he was texting me pretty regularly calling me things like superwoman, ladybug etc... that was slightly confusing because I still wasn't sure why his friend has came along but oh well.
2nd time:
-immediate pair off and more flirtatious behavior referring to us as spiderman and mary jane, making fun of me, recalling memories of us from the past, occasional arm touch)
-He tried setting up plans but convo got to a different topic & we never set plans but he said he wanted to come pick me up in his corvette at some point. I didn't hear from him from a couple days, I decided to reach out & he immediately texted back with flirtatious names & told me about this project he'd been working on, sending pictures of it.
-figured out he was going on vacation the following week and then the next week I was. I was like I don't know if anything is going to happen. Didn't hear from him for a week+
-I get a text: "home sweet home tomorrow superwoman, and then you're out of town the 2-9?" -We proceeded texting through my entire vacation.
1 mo
-found out he has a girlfriend through my friend
- he apologized for not being straightforward but didn't see how this changed anything between us. Told him I needed some space from texting regularly for my own feelings as well as his girlfriend's. He said she knew about our friendship. But why didn't I know about her? He said he didn't realize my feelings had gotten involved.
1 mo
The texting involved nicknames like superwoman, lady bug, hun, heart emojis, deeper personal topics
Didn't know he had a girlfriend?
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