Am I overthinking it or has this guy suddenly lost interest after hooking up?

I met this guy on Hinge, he just transferred to my college. We messaged for awhile and he gave me his number, so we continued texting and he asked to see me that night. He took me to sonic and we talked for hours. It was casual; he didn't try to make a move but after we both went home, he texted me saying he wished we kept hanging out. He asked me what my favorite restaurant was since he mentioned taking me out to dinner that week.

He was very persistent about seeing me again, asking if I was free the next day or the day after that. I was busy the next day, but I ended up being available so I asked him if he wanted to hang out again. He said yes, but was out of town and driving 5 hours back so it would have to be later that night. I was supposed to go over to his house at 8pm, but he got held back and ended up getting there around midnight. I told him multiple times that we could reschedule since he was probably tired (so was I), but he insisted that he was fine and that he really wanted to come.

We cuddled and watched movies in my room and hooked up later on. I told him that I was more inexperienced, and he seemed to respect that. He basically told me everything I wanted to hear. He kept kissing me on his way out (we both had class in the morning or I would've asked him to sleep over) and mentioned dinner, even naming the restaurant he wanted us to go to.

Then nothing. The last text I have from him is right before he got to my apartment that night, it's been two days since this happened. No "I had fun." or "let's plan that date." I'm honestly terrified that he's just going to ghost me or has lost interest, but I know that guys don't think about this shit the way women do. I really like him, I want to see him or at least talk to him, but I don't want to make the first move. Do I wait for him to reach out or do I text him? I don't want to come across as needy. This is all so confusing since he was the one to initiate everything.
Am I overthinking it or has this guy suddenly lost interest after hooking up?
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