Does he like me?

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Alright, here goes.
This began when I joined his school last year. The first time I saw him I think I developed a crush on him (but subsequently got over it). We being on the same team, we discussed a whole lot of things over text, but didn't talk that much in school. However, whenever I talked to him, he would lean towards me (alright, I'm shorter than him, but no other guy in the class does the same despite being taller). Once there was some activity being organised-he walked up to our desk, asked one of my friends if she wanted to participate ignoring me all that time (I did the same). Then he left. I thought that he went away to ask others, when suddenly the next moment I felt him whispering into my ear if I was interested in participating-I turned and realised he was behind me (this was weird, I had not expected this). He always interrupts the conversation whenever I'm talking to some other guy, indulges in the discussion with him and I feel sort of left out. Sometimes he would smile at me for no reason and keep staring at me (sometimes his friends would do the same which makes me feel I'm being pranked), and sometimes he just ignores me. He would be always around me, talking loudly, but I pay no attention. Does he really like me? Or I'm overthinking?
Does he like me?
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