How should I respond to his actions?

So I finally worked up the courage and told this guy I have a crush on that I liked him. I was tired of the constant circling around we did and I just wanted him to know how I felt. We work together, that’s how we met, and it’s always been this merry go round. Sometimes I feel like he’s hinting at asking me out but never does but than I’ve also felt that maybe he was just liking the attention I gave him. I was never sure, so since I was tired of the games and we had had a bit of a misunderstanding I felt it was time that I just come out and say it. I did text him, maybe not the courageous move but I tried to be as straight forward as possible.

it’s a good thing I wasn’t expecting a text back because he never texted me back. But when I came to work the other day, I realized that these little drawings he had made me was not at my desk. When I went looking for him, it was inside his drawer. Now, I really don’t know how to respond to this. Is it a possibility that he misunderstood my text bc I told him I was tired of the circling around we did? Or is he just feeling himself and being childish, thinking that if I see the drawings I’ll think of him?
How should I respond to his actions?
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