How to decipher mixed signals?

To start things off, I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for ever a year, we have met a couple times, I had to move to him in July but can't due to the pandemic. So now we are stuck in different countries.
Recently (about a month ago), he met someone in his own country and while they are dating, we kind of are as well. The other relationship seems to be moving pretty fast, too, mostly initiated by her, for example one day out of the blue saying "we are now dating", and bringing up the topic of moving in together when he says he wants to go look for a new place himself, she invites her along saying "if we are gonna move in together, we should go look at places together". He says he doesn't mind, but I am getting a bad feeling about this. Especially after him already getting invited over for Christmas, when it's currently August.
At the same time, we are still interacting the way we used to before she entered the situation, so I have been really confused about the whole thing. Yes, our time together is a little more reduced, but we still chat daily. Looking for some guys, and of course girls can speak their minds as well, who could help me understand the situation from a guy's point of view. Thanks.
How to decipher mixed signals?
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