Whats his problem?

've been talking to my ex from last year and he was the first guy I ever dated. There has been some flirting here and there but subtle and he teases me about other guys but I don't know how to interpret that. We are both in college and he is a slow texter but still engages with me and. uses emojis. I don't wanna force anything and I don't want to invest everything in him right now.

I want to learn to be single and work on myself but honestly, he's a lot of fun and gives me a little excitement. I just don't want my life to revolve around him. Anyways we have been talking since Late June on snapchat. It is now August and we have been #1 best friends on snapchat because we both have the yellow heart. I am just confused to how because his score goes up sometimes ( so does mine) and he takes so long to answer me sometimes. Its been 2 days since he answered and like I said he dosent get on snapchat a lot but I think its rude af! What should I do?
Whats his problem?
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