What do you all think about this situation?

I've known this guy at my university since the start of the year (for 6 months) and we have been friends/lab partners since then but only talked at university and then when this pandemic hit all of us, I heard absolutely nothing from him after that.

However, a few months went by and we had 2 classes together. He asked me to come and work with him as well as sitting near him when we had a break. We studied together and he asked me questions such as how old I am, what I want to do in the future and whether or not I work and he also asked what my Snapchat score was and asked to add me on Snapchat as well.

As soon as I got home, he then sent me photos of his abs and told me to start streaks. I said to him "Hmm, I see that you're flexing." and then he begins to comment on my figure which I did not appreciate at all. I also told him that I don't send that stuff and he then said that it was ok and that I already cleared that out to him.

He then asked me if my parents allow boys to come over to my place and I then asked him what he's looking for with me and that it seemed like he wanted to have sex with me. He then said that he wanted to have sex with me but not just sex and that he also generally wanted to see me and get close to me and I told him that I didn't believe him as we have only had 2 classes together after isolation.

He then stated that he usually starts off with having sex and then gets into relationships which I found to be weird and I told him that for me it takes time to get into relationships and that I don't just have sex with anyone.

After that, he stopped sending me photos of his abs and just started sending me streaks (I lost streaks with him). After losing streaks with him, I purposely posted classy pictures of me on my story and he viewed all of them. He tried to get streaks back with me and also stopped talking to me about sexual things.
What do you all think about this situation?
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