Am I a rebound?

I started talking to this guy (26) about a month ago. he's the sweetest guy i've ever talked to and treats me well. we met through mutual people who love us both and thought we would be good together. the only issue is him and his girlfriend of nearly two years broke up only two months ago. they even lived together. he tells me he was able to get over her quickly because she cheated on him. but when we got into our first fight he told me that maybe he wasn't ready for anything right now. so i told him i was done because i wasn't going to talk to someone who isn't ready to move on. the exact same day he showed up at my house apologizing saying he's fighting for us and that he messed up. he said he only said it out of anger. but it's hard for me to believe he really is moved on. could i subconsciously just be his rebound? how do i handle this?
Am I a rebound?
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