Why does my brother keep all of his girlfriends secret from his family?

My younger brother is 21, and we are currently still living with our family, who we are very close with. We have a great relationship with each other and our parents. But at this point we have never seen or heard of any dating in his life. We didn’t know his sexuality (or if he had a preference) because he has literally never told us a thing. Me on the other hand, my parents have met and heard about every guy I’ve ever dated or been in a relationship with. They are not psycho, judgy, clingy, or protective parents, they are very chill, as am I. He’s brought girls over before, one that seemed quite in love with him and eager to meet us, but he was adamant that they were only friends and was kind of annoyed that she wanted to hang out with us lol.

It got to a point where we wondered if he was Asexual lol though we never said that to him.

So tonight I was in a room next to his, reading, and I overheard him on FaceTime with a girl. I couldn’t help but listen. They were very clearly dating, he even told her I love you, and they were having the “You having female friends stresses me out” conversation lol. After listening I realized that this girl had actually been at our home 3 days prior for a bonfire he had with his group of friends, she was literally in our house, my mom offered her a beverage. He didn’t even introduce us, we have no idea what her name even is. He has nothing about any girls on his social media, nothing.

First off, I’m wondering why you think he might be so adamant about keeping every person he dates a secret? We wouldn’t be weird about it, he’s seen it first hand how SO’s are handled by my family through me.

Secondly, why do these girls put up with this? Lol If it were my boyfriend and he was hiding me, I’d be walking away.

Would love thoughts. It’s kinda hurtful actually that he seems not to want to share this important part of his life with us 🤷‍♀️
Why does my brother keep all of his girlfriends secret from his family?
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