I’m confused on if he actually likes me or just wants to fuck?

So I’ve been talking to him for 6 months we didn’t get the chance to meet up because of corona. I went on a date with him to a nice green area. He picked me up from my house and complimented me and was really nice. When we got to the area, we sat on the bench and spoke I wasn’t sitting too close or too far but he wanted me to come closer so I did, then he put his arms on my shoulder and started stroking and squeezing my shoulder. I’m 5’4 and he’s 6’2 so he wanted me to sit on his lap because I was quite low compared lol. He asked if he could put his hand on my inner thigh and I said no, so he didn’t. Just talking everything was nice we then went for a walk he was either holding my hand, had his arm on my shoulder, or hugging me from behind kissing my cheeks. He was making sexual references which we would talk about on text too. I’ve never had my first kiss so I didn’t want to just kiss him straight away. He kept kissing my cheeks he then gave me a piggy back but said he would carry me better if he held me whilst I hugged him which I was okay with. We got back to the car and he asked if I wanted to get in the backseat, I said no so he just hugged me and we sat in the front. He was dropping me off to my friends after, but I was quite quiet on the way back he asked if I was okay I said yes so he asked for my hand and interlocked it with his as he changed gears whilst driving. Dropped me at my friends and we hugged before he went. I later told him the sexual references made me feel slightly uncomfortable and he apologised and said he wouldn’t do it again if I felt uncomfortable. Confused on whether he actually likes me or not.
I’m confused on if he actually likes me or just wants to fuck?
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