Tell me about your current crush if you have one?

I'll tell you about my crush and you guys can share about yours...
My crush is this cutie I met randomly whilst I was shopping
He approached me and we exchanged info
We used to snap each other here and there but Corona happened he asked me like 6 or 7 times to hangout but I couldn't
He's a handsome guy for sure and gets lots of attention
We are in the same age range
I don't talk to him as much anymore because he started sending dry responses but I'm 100 percent sure if I could hangout he would. Anyways thats the current crush I have.
I really wish I could see him... but I'm also really shy because he makes me nervous since he's so handsome... but I'd want to kiss him for sure if I saw him and more
I don't know what to do about that
And then there's this other crush I have on a guy I used to work with... I have absolutely no contact with him... heck we barely spoke to each other but I was always attracted to him and he had a nice British accent... not common where I live. I want to hangout with him... maybe go on a date and more... haha
Too bad too sad for me... I'm stuck at home die to quarentine and can only wish to have a guy in my life right now LoL

Now why don't you share some details about your crush?
Tell me about your current crush if you have one?
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