Does he like me still?

So a little while ago I had this thing with a boy. We were almost boyfriend and girlfriend but he decided he had a crush on another girl as well as me (but he said he was leaning more towards me) and then decided he had to focus on cricket and school (meanie got my first kiss too...).

I was over there the other day cause his brother and mine are friends, and I was telling his Mum about one of my friends who is a boy which my old crush heard. Then later on with my stepbrother and my old crush, we were talking about our teeth and I showed my old crush that my friend has even worse teeth than I do.

My stepbrother then showed him a picture of my friend in a dress as a joke and my old crush proceeded to tell me about how he's taking this girl to his semi formal. I couldn't really hide that I got upset and then gave me the look he normally gives when he can tell he hurt me. I had to stop myself from crying, then left the room to ask his brother about it. Then I went to my Mum and his Mum crying and I said 'its not like he gives a crap' and his Mum said 'I think he does more than you think. But don't get your hopes up' and that he was jealous about my friend. He later asked if I was okay because I seemed upset and he let me hug him.

So what would make a boy do that? And how much does he actually like me? If he does like me, how can I make him like me even more again? Or am I better off waiting until he's older and more mature because his Mum reckons he just wants to 'live'. Also, do you reckon he would feel bad cause he upset me? I think it was obvious I cried.
Does he like me still?
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