Does my orthodontist have a thing for me?

So every time I see my orthodontist, he makes a comment that seems suggestive somehow. One day it was raining, and it stopped. When he saw me, he said, “Aw, it’s because you brought the sunshine.” Another time he complimented my teeth with the braces on, saying, “Wow, your smile is beautiful, and your teeth are so white... Do you do something to them?” but it’s obvious I’m not doing anything with braces. Then, it was time to remove my braces, and he said “look” and showed me he had just gotten braces on the day before. He then said, “It must be a sign...” There are other examples, too, but I’ve never heard him make comments to any of the other staff or patients. I am one of the only adult patients since I’m in my 20s and obviously most patients are like 12. Thoughts?
Does my orthodontist have a thing for me?
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