Is it wrong for me to be a feminine guy?

So about me... I'm biologically male, but identify as agender, which basically means no gender. So my goal, is to look as androgynous or as gender-neutral as possible. If I were born a girl, I'd be masculine for a girl. But since I was born a guy, I'm feminine for a guy.

Physically... I shave off ALL of my body hair. Just all of it. It's not even that tedious to me, honestly. I just put on some music, and do it with patience, and takes me around 25-30 minutes a day.

I have a little bit of facial hair, but I shave it off too. My hair is very long for a guy. It goes to about the middle of my back. And I dye it platinum blonde, but my natural color is medium brown.

I like to keep my hands and skin in general super soft, and apply a lot of lotion and oil and massage daily.

I don't really wear makeup because I like my natural look, but I do use a little to hide blemishes or acne or whatever.

Emotionally... I talk about emotions with people, and I'm not afraid to say I cry at least once a week. I also love cute things, and emotional, sad, sappy movies and TV shows.

I'm pretty happy with who I am, and I have a girlfriend who loves me just as I am. She actually used to like pretty masculine guys, but she fell in love with me, and grew to love my physique.

Oh... and I'm bisexual too, if it's relevant at all. I like men and women exactly 50/50. But if I HAD to pick, I'd still choose women.

However... my dad is completely against me being so feminine, and so are a lot of my older family members.
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Is it wrong for me to be a feminine guy?
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