Do fierce guys turn girls off?

Fierce as in bad tempered, and very intense when provoked. Calm, level-headed and well tempered most of the time, it takes a lot to enrage him and make him angry, but once angered, can get very scary and intense, even savage and bestial. Goes that extra mile when he gets mad, in lashing out against those who've hurt him (and hurt the people he cares about), with a unique passion. His yelling is very deep and fierce too, and he can frighten just about anyone- literally ALWAYS receives complaints that he's "too intense", and/or "being threatening", just when he's standing there and looking back at people who're openly insulting and/or assaulting him, even before so much as raising a finger to defend himself. How do girls feel about a guy like this (like me, in case it wasn't already blatantly obvious I was talking about myself)? Does this turn girls off- and if so, why? What do you want from me?
Do fierce guys turn girls off?
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