Is it time to give up on my crush?

I realized around February I started liking my coworker but then COVID hit and we started working from home. We’re back at work now, and we’ve talked in person some (mostly during meetings) and briefly texted twice. I’d like to get to know him and at least be friends first but I honestly don’t know what he thinks about me. He’s responded to my texts but didn’t make an effort to really continue the conversation or to be the one to initiate contact again.

When I talk to him in person he seems almost robotic in the way he acts, like he’s just extremely guarded and there’s this impenetrable wall up. But he’s friendly and nice at the same time... I really don’t know how to explain it. It could just be his personality, but it’s like I can’t even get close enough to really know what that is.

I’m certainly not the pushy type either and am in fact quite shy around guys, so I don't know if he really has a clue that I like him. I wouldn’t know how to show him that I’m interested anyway with the way he acts. I’m a kind and caring person and feel like I’m at least somewhat attractive (I know it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s attracted to me though) so I at least don’t think he’s repulsed by me lol. But it just kinda sucks that he seems to be able to talk fairly easily with other coworkers but not with me. I don't know if any of this makes any sense but I appreciate you reading and giving feedback if you have some for me.
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To those voting yes, I appreciate you voting first of all but would you mind telling me why you chose that?
Is it time to give up on my crush?
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