Why are my colleagues awkward around me?

I've been at this workplace for 3 weeks now and I feel as though I'm being avoided. For example, I went to a social, just as a way of getting to know my colleagues and at first, it was awkward. As we were walking to the bar I was having a small convo with this girl and so I sat next to her inside. Next thing she is not initiating convo with me, basically totally ignoring me or avoiding or whatever. I tried asking a few questions, but her responses were small. Anyway, I just let her be and spoke to my trainer who was sat on the other side of me.

There is this other girl who I will be working with who is kinda cold at work and in the bar, after a few drinks she started complimenting me saying "I find you so mysterious... You have this James Dean aura about you... oh and I really like your hair" and I was surprised because at the workplace she is a little distant. This girl was constantly watching me and biting her lips. The next day at work she is distant, cold, and awkward around me.

Another girl who I was walking with for a couple of minutes after work then decided to change routes abruptly and leave... The next day I was behind her and I see her taking the route I took. I also caught her gazing at me from the corner of her eye.

Another instance, this guy (my colleague) avoided me because as I went to make a coffee in the workplace, I saw him coming but then sat back down at his desk. After, I had made the coffee and sat down, he got up and made himself a coffee.

What is going on? I have not done anything weird, maybe I am a little quiet, but thats me! Why are my colleagues so awkward around me?
Why are my colleagues awkward around me?
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