Should he have initiated something?

So I was texting my guy friend (and yes I like him, and I think he does as well but i'm not 100% bc he's also confusing af. hence this question lol)

few exchanges later:
Me: So, got any plans after class tomorrow?
Him: yeah I gotta go to the doctors to get my bloodwork done then go shop for food
Me: oh same, I gotta go back to the doc's too (we all have to get bloodwork done for school)
Him: yeah it's so annoying. but anyways i'm gonna go grocery shopping later, any suggestions?

and then the convo continued and I gave him a list of food to buy but then he didn't reply to that (it was midnight at this point so I don't know if he fell asleep or what. but he didn't reply to it the next day either)

My thing is, I was hoping for him to say to hang out when I asked him about his plans. but what do you guys think?
Should he have initiated something?
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