What does his behavior mean?

so i went out on a date with this guy about a year ago. things went really well, we both agreed we had a good time. he texted me as soon as i left thanking me and telling me how beautiful i am. then i didn't really hear from him except for he constantly replied to my stuff on social media telling me how beautiful i am or he would do anything to have a girl like me. about six months ago he texted me asking to hangout again but unfortunately i was with somebody. he went on and on about how lucky that guy is and that he's hoping to settle down soon and wants a good girl. he wished me luck with him and told me to hit him up if things don't workout. about a month ago me and that guy ended and i hit him up. we hung out again but the same thing happened. afterwards he didn't even text me. when i texted him the next day calling him out for it he said he knocked out right after i left cuz he had a long day at work and he said he honestly thought i wasn't interested because i didn't hug him goodbye. he said he thought he fucked up. but i told him he didn't and he seemed happy by it but once again i didn't hear from him for 24 hours. he texted me saying he was super busy and apologized for not texting. then i didn't hear from him and to this day he still compliments me a lot. i haven't slept with him, he seems to be a super sweet guy. and he always says i seem uninterested or that i come off as not wanting to hangout that's why he acts that way. even though i constantly tell him otherwise. he also told me straight up he's not on his phone much and his social media does reflect that. but i don't understand why he still is acting this way. i'm lost.
What does his behavior mean?
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