Would he want to hook up again?

So my friend made me make a tinder account. I decided fine I would. I match with this guy and he asks if I wanted to be friends with benefits. I didn't say anything back because I just wasn't ready. Two days later he messaged again just saying hi. We talk for about three hours and he asks if I wanted to hook up. I said fuck it why not. I go over to his place we watch TV and cuddle for about an hour than have sex. It lasted about an hour and a half. I feel like if it was bad it wouldn't have lasted that long. After we cuddled and watched Netflix for about two hours. I feel like if it went bad he would've made an excuse he had to go somewhere or something. But he didn't. I said I had to go pick up my friend from work which I told him I had to before I even came over. He walks me out to my car and gives me a hug. The whole time he was really sweet and cool. Would it be ok to ask him if he wanted to have at it again? Still not sure if the whole friends with benefits thing is still something he wants or what. Guess I'm a little shy and afraid to even ask. It's been three days because I had to go out of town. Which he knew I did. Should I message him or move on?
Would he want to hook up again?
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