Does this married man like me?

For the record, I know married men are off limits.

I have had such a crush on him for a long time, even before I knew he was married. However, I have never asked him out or anything. I just enjoy the flirting. But I’m curious to know whether he likes me back.

He owns a cafe, where I am a regular customer. When he is working with his wife or other female customers, he doesn’t really chat to me.

However when he is alone or with his male colleague (mutual friend) then he will flirt. The flirting can get sexual. One time he wanted to put my change in my cleavage but I moved away.
I notice he stares at me a lot and then when he looks at me, it seems very intense. I’ve noticed him look me up and down. He always tries to make me laugh. He did say he would do something to me if he wasn’t married (I can’t remember what it was) and he said “no, but if I was single then I would. But we are not in that world”
He asks me often if I have a boyfriend. He will randomly say “have you got a boyfriend yet.”

Sometimes he will get jealous. He got jealous once when he found out I was talking to his male colleague on Instagram (I playfully went to touch him and he slapped my hand away )

However, when the flirting gets intense, he will sometimes say “I am happily married” (for example I made a joke about him loving me because he said his male colleague “loves” me)
Why flirt and then say things like that? Do you think he likes me?
I know it shouldn’t matter if he likes me. But I can’t help it.
Does this married man like me?
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