Guys could he still care or doesn't he really what should I do?

So this guy who was my first love and my first for everything I dated 6 years ago and he is still in love with me he says and me still in love with him after all these years, he has not been in serious relationships since me too and he reaches out to me from time to time to see if I am okay and talk, so what happened was he reached out again we spoke for 2 days constantly texting I could see he was happy and excited to hear from me, and he said so, and he spoke about his feelings for me and how he believes we will be together one day again and wants to see me and stuff, he was showing so much interest and caring and saying how this time he won't get distant because he hates not being able to pick up the phone and talk to me when he wants and wants me in his life, so we spoke 2 whole days nonstop till late, then Friday morning comes I hear from him later in the morning saying sorry his friend came to drop his birthday gift and they chilling, then I didn't hear from him whole day further and whole weekend and today whole day nothing again, he did say he doesn't like being on his phone much last week that I must just know, but honestly we spoke for 2 whole days then all of a sudden now I am not hearing from him, could he really care and stuff? What should I do?
Guys could he still care or doesn't he really what should I do?
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