Should I stop talking to this guy?

Should I stop talking to this guy?

Me and him used to talk everyday and we used to link everyday to smoke weed. I would usually come to him and we would smoke and then after the spliff is done we would both go out on ways. Anyways lately for the past month he hasn’t been asking me if I want to meet up and smoke. Whenever I ask him he would always pretty much say no or create some excuse for why he can’t.

Like for example i asked him what he was doing today and he told me “Nun really jus going to my cousins crib to watch the mavs game wbu” and I told him nothing just chilling and then I asked him if he wanted to link up later and smoke and he completely ignored that part and said “ok word”

like I don't know why he’s acting like this I tried talking to him bout it too but he pretends like I’m overreacting and stuff. Like I don't know if he just doesn’t wanna chill with me anymore or what it is but at this point I’m getting annoyed especially at the fact that I’ve been friends with him for 3 years but he can’t be honest with me. I don't know why do you think he’s acting like this and what should I do?
Should I stop talking to this guy?
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