What is going on here?

So there’s this guy I’ve been best friends with for 3 years. We dated briefly, but broke up and decided to be friends. We had a brief separation period due to his baby mama not wanting him around me, but recently they broke up. We were hanging out one day and sex happened. We both agreed no attachments. Now though I’m wondering if he got attached. it seems like ever since we slept together he’s opened up way more to me than he ever has, we’ve talked nonstop with the exception of yesterday and today (he works 13 hour shifts). We hung out even after we did the deed and anytime I looked at my
phone he would ask if it was a guy from a dating app. Then, we got together the other night, I gave him a bj, and he kissed me twice before he left. He also talks about going into therapy to get off of his depression meds, which he never considered with the baby mama. I’m not going to pressure anything on him, but I’m wondering if it’s possible he caught feelings?
What is going on here?
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