Is this a mamas boy or something else?

There’s been someone I’ve been talking to, we are in different states. We get along for the most part, besides everyday struggles and not being able to see one another, I feel it’s playing a big role with disagreements and us not getting along.
There have been several issues that I would like some insight on. This is an older man late 40s. Whenever we disagree or I don’t do something he request, he goes to tell or show his mom our conversations, and her advice that she supposedly is giving him, he’s coming back to me saying she has been right about me all along.
Which I don’t understand? She’s right about what? And why is he holding on to these secret conversations and using them during an argument?
He’ll bring up what his mom said about something that happened weeks ago.
I just am having a hard time understanding why is he telling his mother in the first place?
Our relationship shouldn’t be anyone’s business.
Is this a mamas boy or something else?
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