Am I doing something wrong?

There's this guy I really like and he seemed like he liked me too. We met some time ago, and then, we were going to meet again I explained that I had to postpone it for some time. He said he was totally fine with this and that we could continue texting instead. In fact we used to text everyday (he initiated the conversations most of the time, but sometimes I did as well).

Once, I told him that we could meet up again and he said that we could meet soon. Two weeks passed and we didn't make any plans of meeting up. Through these two weeks, we continued talking through chat where one time he mentioned about his hobby of collecting cars and that he has many cars in his garage... Then, topic turned about our last meeting we had (he started talking about this) and I mentioned again the fact that we could meet up again. He agreed. Then I had to go and so we stopped texting for the day. The day after, I started the conversation and he seemed like he didn't want to talk to me... I thought maybe he was tired and told him that I have to go and that we could talk that day after that. He agreed and went offline. Two days have passed and he didn't even send hello.

Should I talk to him? Should I wait? What is happening? Am I doing something wrong?
Am I doing something wrong?
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