Guys, am I responsible for my guy friends catching feelings after having sex with them?

I went through a horrible breakup last winter. After two years of being with the guy that I thought was perfect for me, I found out he had been lying to me constantly about cheating on me, using heavy drugs, stealing from people, and so much more. I was heartbroken and felt like I had just wasted two years with him.

I started hanging out with my old high school friends more. I admittedly drank too much on some nights. I was nowhere near ready for a relationship, but I love cuddling and sex. So, I started hooking up with one of my guy friends. I was very open before anything happened that I was not looking for a relationship, and just wanted to keep it physical. He said he understood.

Eventually me and this guy had a falling out. The content of the argument made me not attracted to him anymore and I stopped hooking up with him.

Maybe a month later, I had sex with another one of my guy friends, telling him the same thing. That I'm not looking for a relationship and am just down to have sex and cuddle. He said he understood. We only hooked up once.

Fast forward to now and my girl friend's boyfriend is accusing me of messing with his friends. Apparently he's been mad at me for awhile, and both guys that I hooked up with resent me because I'm now kind of dating another guy that they're friends with. They all say I used them and never apologized for it.

But, what exactly do I have to apologize for? I was clear with them from the start what my intentions were. I don't feel like I should have to apologize for them catching feelings. 1/3 of my friend group currently doesn't want to hang out with me and uninvited me from a trip we were going on in a couple months because of what the guys I hooked up with are saying.
Am I in the wrong?
Guys, am I responsible for my guy friends catching feelings after having sex with them?
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