What does it mean if a guy tells you you're "wife material" as opposed to "girlfriend material"?

So I've been told more than once by guy friends, platonic & non-platonic, that I'm "wife material" but not "girlfriend material".

I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

One said that I had all the qualities a wife should have but I'm too serious for a boyfriend... Do you think that's that what they all meant?


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  • I just had this conversation with my husband yesterday! haha

    Well for me wife/husband material is something like this:

    1. you are responsible, you are good with saving money for the future (HOUSING/IRA)

    2. You know your limits, and you aren't out just to waste yourself because you feel you are going to die tomorrow. You drink but don't get overly drunk, you dance but you don't grind and try to find a ONS.

    3. You dress like you are conservative, and not trying to show off or get all the guys to look at you and whistle. You look beautiful but not too overly done.

    4. You clean, you cook, you make sure all the bills are paid for. your job is great, your career is going to go high up that ladder! and also you have morals and respect for everyone you meet/work with.

    Now for the girlfriend/boyfriend material, looks something like this:

    1. you are not responsible much with money, and spend it like crazy going to vegas, buying booze every weekend and having house parties with jello shots (yeah I had a lot of friends like this...). You barely save any money and just go by with saving for your rent.

    2. You drink and dance like it's just for you. You get overly drunk a lot, and you grind with guys and make them feel all hot and bothered stuff like that.

    3. You dress like you're the hottest thing around, and trying to get as much attention as possible. The more legs the better. The more cleavage, the better. Guys want to look at you, your boyfriend might want to show you off.

    4. You are not too worried about your career and you're barely making enough money for food and housing. You might be in school but barely passing school. You can care less about your future, but more about how much fun you are having now. your mentality is probably something like "You're only young once, why not live it up?"

    Ok, now not all of it applies to everyone who is wife/husband material or girl/boy friend material but you get what I'm saying. One is sort of on the edge and trying to go crazy with life and have fun, the other is a bit more laid back and not as much on the edge.

    Now ask yourself this, are you too boring? Do you have too little of of that need for fun?

    Are you too perfect, as in you have all your ducks in a row and just waiting for a house and kids?

    You can probably figure this one out on your own, just look around at the girls whom YOU think are wife material, and the ones you don't. Try to figure it out yourself, I'm sure you can do it. Good luck


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  • You are someone they would want settle down with and stay loyal to but right now they just want to have fun and be in non-serious relationships.

    • your someone whom a guy can't play your feelings with for a serious relationship

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  • Do you think that's that what they all meant?

    Yeah that's why they said it.

    I'm not sure if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

    If you want to get married someday it's a good thing.

    Was the point of this question to reassure you what a catch you are?