Is this acceptable behavior?

Ok I have a fiancé we been together for a few years now so on some of his days off majority on weekends he will get up in the morning around 10a and just be gone and I’ll be like where are you going and it’s never really a pacific answer just the typical errands stuff then he will literally come home a few hours later take a shower and get dressed and be gone again for several more hours and on work days he gets off around 6 will sleep for a few then get up and do the same thing so today I had enough the shits pissing me off and I want out of the relationship he tries to reverse what I’m noticing and saying that I just want him stuck in the house with me all day witch isn’t true I’m literally 7 months pregnant not very many options for things to do at the moment and he also has ruined friendships and other relationships that I had for years before him so even if I wanted to get out the house I don’t have anymore friends to hang with and I obviously am alone at home pretty much all day by myself and I’m just sick of it he has his friends and things to do but he ruined what life I did have before he came along oh and he always has 800 excuses for why he be gone like he does he was doing this that etc I’m just tired and bored in this relationship and mad now that there’s a baby involved and he’s a good father to my 7 year old just not so good for me!
Is this acceptable behavior?
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