Guys, what do you think? Am I wrong?

I'm going through no contact with my ex because he has been stringing me along for the past 3 years as he has commitment issues (bare in mind this we've dated for 2 years before this happened but the reason we broke up was the commitment issues) So a month ago i told him that i am fed up and we need to take a decision regarding our relationship, which means we're either officially together or not! so we fought and he hasn't spoken to me ever since except when i called him to check up on him as a friend of his passed away so i just wanted to check if he's okay... but he brought up our issue and told me that i'll regret if i keep acting like this (as in not talking to him at all and the no contact thing) and that i'm the one that is ruining the relationship..

Is this true? or is he just turning tables because im starting to doubt myself? Another thing is he seems perfectly fine with us not talking he doesn't care actually and didn't even try to solve our problem!
Guys, what do you think? Am I wrong?
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